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Hi, as you know by now , I am Tanmay .  A   lover of music and a net-freak , I am currently studying in one of Mumbai's premier Engineering Institutes, VJTI, doing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

    I have been into music since childhood. Learning the Western Classical Flute and the Hindustani Bansuri was a great experience. Nowadays I play the keyboards and am learning the piano. Though I started learning the piano only about 2 years ago at the age of 18, contrary to many people's beliefs that one should start young, I maintain the attitude that it is never too late to start learning anything, be it an instrument or anything else !

    Fiddling around with pics  , I have created a few wallpapers and some other stuff which you will find on this page.

    Since I may have already taken enough of your time, I leave you with the rest of my page.

Hope your time spent at this page is pleasant!!

Another Page created by me: THE Dil Se.. Homepage..with over 4000 visitors already....

Tanmay's DIL SE.. Homepage


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